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Specialised in the production of taps and fittings articles, Gebis proposes itself on the Italian and foreign market as an ideal partner for big companies, who entrust part of the processing to third parties in order to reduce costs and warehouse.

Gebis products are recognised for their quality, supported by continuous investment in research, development and use of cutting-edge technologies.

A flexible and dynamic production line, that studies and implements standard and tailor-made solutions to meet the different requirements of customers and markets.

Due to a particular internal processing it is possible to choose among side-valves with head-valve with ceramic disks or traditional head-valve, equipped with NPT threads for the American market or with ¾” connection and capacities higher than 60 l/m for the English market.

The ceramic disk diverters are equipped with an OFF stop function, which combined with the concealed thermostatic taps and fittings avoids the use of stop valves and an economizer, which allows a minimum water passage thus reducing energy consumptions.

The concealed mixers can be made of DZR brass according to the standards of some countries.

The entire production can be treated to prevent lead release according to the strictest international standards.


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